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Aluminum "Dry Break" Brake Line Coupling

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Price: $95.00
Item Number: KRP-2434
Manufacturer: King Racing Products
THINK ABOUT IT...You have 2 laps to go and you get tangled up with a lap car and take out your front end but you kept going till the red comes out. Your crew puts your spare Front End in but you don’t have any Brakes because they had to replace a line, “Bad Deal”. If you had one of our Dry Brake Fittings, you wouldn’t have to take off the Caliper or Line. Just slide down the locking sleeve, discount the line, hook up your replacement and your Brakes are already bled. You finish the race, pick up the other $2,000 bucks you would have lost and you just paid for all the Dry Brake Fittings you’ll ever need!! And, put the rest back in your checking account. These special couplings are built for Formula One Cars and they are precision in every detail. In fact, they are the only Dry Break Brake Line Fittings GUARANTEED not to let any air in or fluid out, EVER! They are constructed of Billet Hard Anodized Aluminum and use Ethylene-Propylene (EPD) seals for life long use. We have used ‘em for years and they may be the best investment of any racing part we own.Talk About Easy And Fast, You Won’t Believe It!
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