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Caliper Rebuild Kits

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Price: From $11.00 to $20.00
Manufacturer: Wilwood Disc Brakes

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EVERY YEAR YOU should replace the Square O-Ring Seals in all your Calipers. This is something anyone can do. Simply split the Caliper 1/2’s, then using an air hose apply air pressure into the Feed Fitting or Crossover Tube Inlet and the Pistons will pop out. Clean the Pistons and Caliper Barrels with Scotch Brite. Spray with Brake Cleaner (not solvent), install the new O-Ring in the Barrels, lube them up with Brake Fluid and gently press the Pistons back into their original Barrels. Being careful to keep them straight. Reassemble the Caliper 1/2’s, install and bleed! Your Now Ready For Another Trouble Free Season Of Good Brakes.
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