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Complete Tubular Sprint Bolt Kit

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Price: From $375.00 to $395.00

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BOY THIS WILL make building a car a lot easier, plus it’s much cheaper than a Titanium Kit, and is even stronger. These 4130 Tubular Bolts exceed 150,000 PSI Tensile Strength as opposed to 6 AL-4V Titanium at 130,000 PSI and it comes with 117 pieces, including Torque Ball to Motorplate, Rear Motorplate to Chassis, Engine Block to Motorplates, Jacobs Ladder to Chassis, Jacobs Ladder to Birdcage, Master Cylinder Mounting, Bumper and Side Knerfs, Radius Rods to Chassis, Shocks to Chassis and Front Axle, R/S Steering Arm, Radius Rods to Front Axle, Tie Rod/Drag Link - Combo Arm, Seat to Chassis, L/F Brake Caliper, Brake Pedal, Pitman Arms, Front Axle to Panard Bar, Shocks to Rear Arms, Top Birdcage Bolts to Radius Rod, Etc., Etc. These are the Trickiest Chromoly Bolts on the Planet and are Heat Treated for Extra Strength. They feature Rolled Threads, all Washers in this Kit are Stainless and all Bolts are Aerodite Plated for Protection. Also All The Nuts Are The Thin Half Nut Nylock Style. 
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