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Master Cylinder Rebuild Kits

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Price: $22.00
Manufacturer: Wilwood Disc Brakes

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JUST LIKE THE Calipers you should rebuild or replace your Master Cylinder yearly using one of our Tilton by DPI or Wilwood Rebuild Kits to ensure the job is done right. All you need is a pair of Snap Ring Pliers, some Scotch Brite and an air supply. Just take out the Snap Ring at the Piston Rod End & apply air at the feed end to pop out the Piston, clean the Barrel with Scotch Brite, spray with Brake Cleaner (not solvent) and inspect the Barrel for pits. If the bore is badly pitted replace the Master Cylinder to be safe. If the bore is ok replace all the parts with the supplied kit items using Brake Fluid as an assembly lube. After you have it all back together bench bleed it first. This will make it much easier to get all the air out of your system. PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE WHEN ORDERING!! 
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