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Seat Crash Pads

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Price: From $260.00 to $310.00
Manufacturer: The Crash Pad

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SAFETY IS THE most important thing in Racing and this Shock Absorbing Seat Pad is a must for all Drivers. A hard impact on the Foam Bottom during a crash, compresses you into the Seat Bottom. The weight of your Head and Body act like a Pile Driver on your Rigidly Seated Spine. The Short Duration, High G-Force Impact can cause compression fractures of Vertebrae, Ruptured Disc, Broken Neck and Paralysis. 2 Things are needed to reduce these Spinal Impact forces 1. Compression Material The downward motion of your Body and Spine must be slowed down during the impact. 802SAM Shock Absorbing Material in the Crash Pad works like a Shock Absorber with Uniform Resistance throughout the compression. It's The Right Stuff!! 2. Compressible Space Your Spine needs room to slow its downward motion. The thickness of the Crash Pad provides critical compressible space needed to slow your downward motion.

The picture shown is the 8" Lumbar, you can click to view more images to see the 20" Lumbar Crash Pad.

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