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Tire Strengthener

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Price: $95.00
Item Number: BRM-2995
Manufacturer: Track Claw
NOT A TIRE Softener but a chemical that reacts by giving your Tires a better range of traction by changing the envelope of temperature your Tire is the most effective in. Tested by Circle Track Magazine. They raced the same pair of cars back to back with a set of Untreated Tires and a set of Treated Tires, then switched them back and forth and every time the Track Claw tested tires were 2 to 4 tenths faster! One gallon will treat 16 Tires. This product will also bring new life to Old Tires. It won’t make Em new again but they will be30% better than they were before being treated. Easily applied, just brush or roll on, easy to follow instructionson every can. This product also makes your Tires lastlonger and come in faster. Great for tracks with hard tire rules. It’s Undetectable Too!
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